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As a child, Tanya was shy and quiet, never involved in any confrontations. Those made her very uncomfortable. She simply loved when there was a quiet peace in the air.

Her deep love for basketball allowed her to break out of her shyness and find great joy in sisterhood (with the exception of a few girlfriends,  she grew up with two brothers and mostly hung out with them and her male cousins). She started playing basketball at the age of 10 and played all the way through university.  That led her to a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Concordia.

The birth of her beautiful children, Tyler and Emma introduced her to a level of love she did not know existed. The overwhelming impatience and feelings of defeat that are often associated with parenting had been a source of stress in her life and lead her on a quest to find the best version of herself.

Through meditation, she felt great relief and deep compassion for all that surrounds parenting and life in general.

She became such a strong believer in what meditation can do that she studied to become a meditation coach. She believes that everyone has it in them to find peace and lead the life they want.

Whether it’s in major corporations, in schools, home to home visits, hospitals or community centers, Tanya will travel the distance in order to touch as many lives as she can. It is her fundamental belief that all the lives she touches will in turn touch many more.  In that way, she as well as everyone she has the pleasure of coming into contact with, will make a significant dent in the collective healing of the world.

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It is so important to be surrounded by positivity and well rounded people.

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What people say about meditation

Meditation training improves a wide range of willpower skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control and self awareness. It changes the function and structure of the brain to support self-control.

Professionally, I think meditation has been a huge boom. It has boosted my focus and productivity while also making me less emotionally reactive. I think it has also made me calmer, more patient and generally easier to be around. In fact, I believe kindness is the most underrated professional asset in the world. - Dan Harris interview on Forbes
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Dan Harris