About tanya & zennya coaching

Tanya is a Certified Meditation Coach based in Montreal Canada. Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction and a life of balance for her clients. She helps clients live their best life by presenting mindful, actionable steps that helps fill the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying where the blocks are and where growth is desired, clients will be provided with life long tools for personal and professional development. Setting goals and objectives, and holding clients accountabile will help reach their highest potential and make achieving these goals a reality.

Her degree in psychology along with over 20 years of experience in customer relations in the medical field and her rich cultural background has given her the compassionate awareness that helps people find direction in all aspects of their lives.

We all need someone to hold space for us and Tanya does this in the most authentic and compassionate way. She helps her clients reach their milestones, one step at a time. 

Her bold and audacious vision is to contribute to the biggest rise in human consciousness and transformation the world has ever seen. Her genuine fascination for human beings and their individual stories helps her clients feel at ease with her unique coaching style. 

Zennya Coaching was founded in order to start a movement that will empower women through their compassionate work and she longs to see beautiful strong women entrepreneurs lead through their mindful businesses. Tanya strongly believes that there is more to life than following the masses. Not only will her clients get access to actionable steps that will help them lead a balanced life, they will also get guidance to ensure a beautiful smooth business launch or continuation.